Encouraged by the problem that the current classical music notation results in a high threshold for children to play music, the founder of C-music, Dr. W. Spierenburg, with his background as a physicist, computer scientist and musician developed, together with several designers, a solution to the pitfall of black dots, stemmed notes, tails, sharps, flats or accidentals of this classical music notation.

Problems with classical notation

"What child of four knows that a point behind a tail on a stemmed note indicates that the tone length should be increased by 1/16 beat? And that G is not G, but a "Gis" if there is a sharp sign at the beginning of the staff? Or not again as a reminder accidental is placed before the note?"

New Design
In the new design simple basic principles of modern computing are combined with the theory of harmony. With the so-called C-Music color musical notation children can play well-known songs in a couple of minutes on piano, keyboard or any instrument whatsoever.

Songs for Free
Because of the new developments and success with young children C-Music offers the songs for free. However it is not allowed to use them for commercial purposes in any written or published form.

New Songs
C-Music will publish regularly new songs, including those for more advanced players. See animated songs to keep track on changes.
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