Piano Templates


Color Key Template A

 The colored key template "A"  is for beginners (no black keys!) and is an excellent tool to make color music easily accessible for piano and keyboard. Once the gray (so called "zero") tone is placed above the C key, then all songs are played in the C-scale. If he is placed on top the G-key then all songs are played in the G-scale (without changing any scores!!). However playing in different scales is better suited for the more advanced players or players with an instrument that is not tuned in C, such as saxophone or accordion. In the beginning, it is advisable to play songs in "C" because of the lack of black keys.

The template A can be found here. Please print in full size A4. Because most programs do not print the actual size, please use a full size printing program like Adobe Acrobat Reader. If the template does not fit on your specific type of keyboard (the template was created for a standard piano) then use the "scale" function of the printer to adjust it to your size of keyboard.

The color template B shows all keys, including the black keys. This template is intended for the more advanced students. See for example Greensleeves or Für Elise in a youtube animation of the color sheet music.

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